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The Beethoven Society was founded in 1888 and has met without a break since then. The Society gives classical music concerts in aid of both local and national charities. We do not purely perform works by Beethoven; rather the name is kept as a tribute to the long and illustrious history of the orchestra.  We are a group of musicians dedicated to playing good music, enjoying ourselves, and helping to raise money for charities at the same time.

Please come and support us, see the About Us page to see Maps of our usual rehearsal and concert venues. If you've never been to our concerts before, come and try something different for free. If you have, we hope you enjoyed our concerts and will keep supporting us.

We currently have vacancies for string players. If you are interested please contact us by telephoning our Membership Secretaries, Joan and Rosalind Corser, on 01706 378973 or Contact Us


Saturday 4th February 2017, 7:30pm

Here we play the 7th Symphony of the ever positive and tuneful Dvorak after a first half of old classics from our namesake, Beethoven, his Leonora Overture no.3 and Mozart’s fourth Horn Concerto. The early work of Janacek, his Lachian Dances, completes the programme.


Beethoven, Leonora Overture No. 3

Mozart, Horn Concerto No.4

Janacek, Lachian Dances

Dvorak, Symphony No.7




David Maxted

Mozart, Horn Concerto No.4



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